UI Design

Logo Design

NIID Technologies :

This logo was designed for a company formerly specialising in only Mobile Applications.

IEEE R10 SYWLC, Bangalore,2016 :

Logo designed for a competition under the IEEE R10 SYWL Congress, 2016.
The theme provides was "To celebrate 50 years of Region 10 and Technology- a global change agent"
This logo was chosen as the foundation for the official 50 years' logo

Unravel :

This logo was created for an IEEE Student BRanch event called Unravel.
Unravel is a yearly campus treasure hunt organised by PICTT IEEE Student Branch.

Credenz '16 :

This logo was created for the annual PISB technical symposium Crdenz. Every year the logo is modified to represent the theme.
The theme for 2016 was Mathematics.

Graphics Design


CRY is a children's welfare non profit organisation.
This poster was created for a "Cry for Volunteers" assignment.

Network Treasure Hunt :

NTH is an online treasure hunt where participants all over the world can compete to solve 20 sequential clues located on each web page.
This poster was created for the event as part of the PICT IEEE Student Banch event, Credenz '15.