My tryst with the performing arts

I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and have been practicing it for 17 years. I was introduced to this art form at the young age of five and fell in love with it over the years. I actively learnt and studied the dance under the guidance of my guru, Dr. Shashikala Ravi, for 15 years and received the opportunity to perform on stage as part of her troupe several times.

About the Dance :

Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form that originated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a combination of energetic footwork, intricate hand gestures and facial expressions. It incorporates the vigorous and gentle dance styles of Tandava and Lasya respectively to create devotional and expressive stories.

Arangetram :

As per tradition, after a minimum 7 years of training, a Bharatanatyam Dancer must perform solo in front of an audience for 3 hours as a sort of graduation. It isn’t the end of your dance journey, but more of a significant milestone to prove you worth as a dancer.

My Arangetram took place on 6th September 2009 after a grueling year of training and practice. It was one of the most memorable days of my life, where I evolved and matured as a dancer with a combination of dedication, hard work and passion.

Bharatanatyam has been and will always be an integral part of my life. It has taught me how to balance my love for art with my otherwise technical career path. It has shaped who I am as a person and also taught me that not every passion needs to be profitable. For me dance is more than a hobby, it is my way of life and I hope to keep it alive regardless of the career path that I choose.