Nidhi Ramanathan

I am a Programmer and Experience Designer who has a great passion for XR and Location Based Experiences. I am currently enrolled in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon university pursuing my Masters degree. At the ETC I am the Tech lead and involved in experience design for an interactive museum installation. Interaction Design and development for interactive platform(VR/AR/MR) experiences has been my focus during my time here.

I recently completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology. In addition to my academics I worked for 3 years as a volunteer in PICT IEEE Student Branch, taking on various roles such as W.I.E. Secretary and Chair, Graphic Designer, Marketing head and Event Coordinator.

In accordance with my previous endeavors, the technical and creative aspects of the entertainment industry has always been a focus of mine and with my experience as a programmer and artist I hope to pursue a career as an Experience Designer and XR developer.
For further information, you can download my resume HERE.

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Nidhi Ramanathan


Pittsburgh, (PA) USA