Final Judgement

Development Duration : 2 weeks

Platform : HTC Vive with trackers

Software Used : Maya

Team :

Artist : 2

Programmer : 2

Sound Designer : 1

My Role : Artist

The World : The Final judgement is a VR experience that takes the guest on a sacrificial journey through purgatory in order to help their son ascend to heaven.

Tasks Performed :

Modeling and texturing of main character

Rigging and animation of main character

Purgatory Skybox

Heaven Skybox

Logo Design

This was my very first attempt at modeling and animating a human character and my second attempt at Maya. During the first week I created a temporary prototype that was used for testing purposes. The final character was made within 5 days.

The movements required were very limited so my main focus was creating a look that caused the guest to sympathize with the child. Having never textured a face before, I decided to stick to a flat texture with a fixed expression.

Rigging and Animation : I made a simple rig for the boy as the movements were not complicated.

The animations involved a simple step forward, hand reaching out, bending, jumping etc. The two animations that were most interesting for me were the Looking around in fear and a show of happiness. They introduced me to the acting part of animation and is a skill I plan to perfect as an artist.