My venture into the world of films

Music Video :

Our fifth team assignment was to create a music video and given the huge Bollywood fan that I am, I suggested a retro Hindi film song and we created a similarly styled video.

My Role : Producer, Actor, Editor

Powerpuff Parkour :

This was a solo editing assignment where we were given raw footage from a short film and had to create our own piece. I chose the Powerpuff girl theme song to, in a way, contradict the masculinity that the original film portrayed.

My Role : Editor

American Beauty Retrofit :

Our first team assignment was to recreate a scene from a classic film and we chose the schoolyard scene between Ricky and Jane from American Beauty. The focus was to match the shot types and emulate the setting as much as possible

My Role : Actor, Producer

VR Film :

This was my first attempt at a live-action VR film. The goal is to direct your guests’ attention to the action and utilize the 360 degree functionality as much as possible.

My Role : Director, Producer

Rapid production :

Our toughest assignment was a short film to be made in 60 hours. We had to perform all tasks from the script to the final product within this time period. We chose a simple story line and focused on creating different shots to make for an interesting film

My Role : Producer, Editor, Actor