Cooking The Books

Development Duration : 2 weeks

Platform : HTC Vive with trackers

Software Used : Maya, Unity, Adobe Animate

Team :

Artist : 2

Programmer : 2

Sound Designer : 1

My Role : Artist, Co-Producer

The World : A comical AR experience as a regular office employee that must destroy evidence for their boss.

Tasks Performed :

Designing desk layout, and modeling and texturing office desk objects Eg: Safe, Drill, Lighter and Phone

Designing desk layout, and modeling and texturing office desk objects Eg: Monitor and shredder

Logo Design

Particle system for Shredder

The objects I had to make were a crucial part of the game flow and had to be designed such that they were easily recognizable and intuitive enough.

The Shredder was the most difficult as there could not be too much detailing in it. If we added buttons to make it seem more like a shredder, then the buttons would have to be interactable, which we could not afford. So, I tried to make the shredder seem as realistic as possible with minimum detail

The tricky part were the shreds. First, I created a single polygon pile, but that was realistic enough. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to create singular shreds, using a polygonal plane and combine them, while minimizing the polygon count as much as possible. I had to carefully place each shred in its position to optimize the volume.

The telephone went through several iterations as well and eventually had to include a fax machine too.

Again, the right amount of detailing was important, which is why I eliminated the numbers and display text.:

The safe, monitor, Lighter and drill were also modeled and textured to make them recognizable while optimizing ease of use.

I designed the “Confidential” stamp based on generic signs used in cartoons and tv shows, and that phrase became key to indicating to the guest during the game.

Layout Design :

This experience was created for a Naïve guest who could not be guided or given any external instructions. The biggest challenge was anticipating people’s reactions to the environment and making it intuitive enough.

The Telephone was the first object to be interacted with but could not be in the way of other things. The Shredder had to be easily visible but not so prominent as to dominate the other destruction devices. Whereas the files had to be front and center, given that they were the first objects to be destroyed

The most crucial item was the lighter, and after a lot of iteration it was decided that the lighter must be revealed only at the end, which is why the safe came into play

The other elements in the office were mostly to enhance the ambience of a generic office desk and in the end add to the satisfaction of destroying the office. Therefore, they had to be in the background, but easily accessible and interactable.

As a Producer :

This was my first time being a producer in such an intense work environment, and it was an enlightening experience for me. I really enjoyed having a more comprehensive view of the project’s progress and making sure that all every team member was receiving what they needed as well as delvering what was expected, certainly kept me on my toes.