Blender Friender

Development Duration : 3 weeks

Platform : Oculus Rift, Makey Makey

Software Used : Maya, Unity

Team :

Artist : 2

Programmer : 2

Sound Designer : 1

My Role : Artist

The World : Blender Friender is a two-person collaboration game with one player as a juice blender in VR who chops fruit and pours juice. The other player is on a physical set-up using the Makey Makey who sends fruit to the Blender and sells the juice made.

Tasks Performed :

Designing Juice shop Layout

Modeling, Texturing and animating fruit machine

Modeling and texturing objects in the shop EG: Plants, trays, straw container, cash register, & dessert box

Modeling and texturing objects in the shop EG: fruit machine, funnel

Modeling and texturing Outer environment

The purpose of making this game was to create a fun experience for the ETC Building Virtual Worlds Festival held in December 2018. Therefore my involvement in this project was more focused on game design. I had never attempted to create a game before and it was a huge learning experience, to understand the perspectives of an artist, programmer and as a user when designing an experience. I did not face many challenges as an artist during this project, so it gave me more time to focus on the gameplay.

Design of the Juice shop :

We wanted to place the two players in the same space viewing the shop from different perspectives. The person in VR, embodying the blender, must be able to view the shop keeping in mind the scale, and limitations of a blender. Since the blender had to be at a height, the scale of the objects in the shop had to be adjusted accordingly

Since the Makey Makey player had a restricted 2D view, we wanted to allow the blender to have a more comprehensive view of the shop environment, making full use of the VR.

The shop environment was not a key part of the game but added to the immersive feeling of being a blender in a juice shop.

Design of Makey Makey Set up and view :

The player in charge of tapping fruit and selling juice needed a detailed view of the game flow. Therefore all the virtual game activity had to be organized in a 2D space that matched the physical game space

The design of the Makey Makey set up had to enable ease of movement, be intuitive, and easily comprehensible. The set up went through multiple iterations to meet those requirements.

BVW Festival 2018

After 3 weeks of hard work, our game was one of 17 selected out of a total of 80 experiences for the annual BVW Festival. It took place at the Entertainment Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA on the 5th of December, 2018. We were given our very own room to theme and stylize and 548 guests came on the day of the festival to try the different projects and experiences created over the semester. Blender Friender was a huge success and people of all ages and professions, came to enjoy their day at our juice shop.