Artistic Lighting

Experience Design : Artistic Lighting

Poem : Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Development Duration : 1 week

Platform : Medieval themed cave space

Software Used : Unity

The Project : An exploration of DMX lighting with an emphasis on syncing lighting with sound.

Project Goals :

• Create mood and emotion through mixing colors on the light color wheel

• Intentionally sync lighting cues with audio events

• Evaluate key audio into moments and moods and create a color scheme for each

• Use Unity and DMX Lights to create a high quality production for guests


The Poem : Because I could not stop for death has a very somber theme in general, but since it is a reflection of life, there are a variety of emotions and moments throughout. We wanted to capture those moments in the experience.

Mood, Color & Sound : There are 4 distinct mood changes during the experience.

Sombre : This is when death comes to take her away. The lighting is dark and we used the color green to symbolize Death. The sound of horses’ hooves reinforce the movement of the chariot.

Nostalgic : This is when she passes the fields of grain and children playing. We used warm colors to represent nostalgia and happiness. The Orange is used to represent the setting sun. The sound of children playing add to the pleasant tone of this part.

Eerie : There is a sudden shift in tone as the author realize that she is dying. There is a chill in the air and so we used a pale blue to enforce it. The sound of wind chimes indicates the cool breeze that is making her cold.

Peace : In the end she makes peace with her fate and looks forward to her journey to eternity. The use of white is used to signify the eventuality of death.

Guest Positioning : Through our playtests we realized that when guests are seated, they better enjoy the experience and are more reflective and attentive. Therefore, we categorized this as a solo, seated experience.

The Artistic Lighting Project used only 2 of the 3 most important aspects of an experience, light and sound and eliminated visuals. It was challenging to create a full experience without all 3 but definitely highlighted the proper use and importance of each.