An Abstract Safari

Experience Design : Projection Mapping: An Abstract Safari

Development Duration : 1 week

Platform : Olga Kit and Wall sized projection screen

Software Used : HeavyM, Adobe Animate

The Project : Create a themed projection mapping experience.

Project Goals :

• Develop an art exhibit that syncs digital effects to physical shapes

• Learn basics of projection mapping

• Use elements of visual design to develop cohesive and compelling scenes around a central theme that can exist autonomously, without audio

• Use HeavyM and the provided space

Experience Goals :

• Be delighted by viewing abstract shapes in positive color schemes

• Recognize familiar safari-themed animals through patterns and background images

• Feel curiosity as the shapes and patterns change


Selecting a theme : Being a small team of 3 with our first experience design project we all put our heads together for this one. We spent the first couple of days familiarizing ourselves with the software, trying different patterns and animations. Through this process we realized that one our patterns looks like a cheetah, and voila! We had a theme.

Flow of the experience : We needed a logical flow to the experience that had the structure of beginning, middle and end.

We decided the flow would be that of a general safari, where you see different animals along the way and it would begin and end with a sunrise and sunset respectively. This made the most sense and gave the guests a better idea about when the experience ends.

Using the Olga Kit : Since the Olga kit given to us is an uneven surface we began by keeping the animals abstract. However, along the way we discovered that certain shaped being formed resembled certain animals, so we decided to add that to the mix as well. We were also encouraged to use the entire front wall, therefore we tried to spread the action all over and not limit it to the olga kit.

3 Best elments :

The grass instantly gave the guests a sense that they were on a safari and represented the ambience well

Everyone thought the colorful bird was delightful

The giraffe was the most recognizable by everyone

Working without Audio : This was the most challenging part about the experience as we had never excluded audio before. Sound is a very important part in completing the experience, but since we could not depend on it we had to make sure that the visuals were riveting enough to keep the interest curve up. Having a defined structure to the narrative helped us and though we didn’t have sound, we kept the pacing of the transitions to a certain beat which the guest could follow and that gave it a good consistency.

Overall this was a very interesting project, that challenged us in unique ways. It taught us the fundamentals of projection mapping and the basic principles of creating a captivating experience with limited resources and client requirements.