An independent study, exploring the engagingness, methods of implementation and versitility of certain interactions in VR.


is an interactive experience prototype for the HTC Vive, which takes you through a magical story thorugh interactions and gestures in VR. You are a blooming mage who's grandma has left their potion room for you to practice and gain your magical powers. You must acquire ingredients and mix them in a cauldron to achieve powers which you can then use.

Development Duration : 15 weeks

Skills Implemented : Game Design, Programming

Hardware Used : HTC Vive Pro, Vive Controllers

Software Used : Unity, Maya

Download my final presentation for a more technical overview of the project

Final Presentation: Interactions in VR


I wanted to explore as many interactions as possible, but had to scope myself to implementing only 3. I also wanted to bring those interactions together in one cohesive experience


I explored several unique interactions like Archery, throwing, mixing, punching etc. I tried to think about them from the perspective or implementation techniques, satisfaction for the guest and compatibility with the other interactiosn to create a cohesive experience.
I drew inspiration from experiences like The Lab (VR), I Expect You To Die and Job Simulator


I picked these 3 because they fit in the experience well, they offered an interesting technical challenge and I beilieve, if implemented well, provide for a satisfying interactions


Opening a bottle

Summoning Charm


A large portion of these 15 weeks went in playtesting. I conducted them almost every week or so. I even did a brownbox playtest before building the experience, with some fun props I found in our prop room.


I really enjoyed this study It gave me a chance to learn VR development and experiement with my coding and game design. I was also able to make a fun experience where you can summon things, which is always a bonus.